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Small Diamond Fell Out Of Wedding Band

Small Diamond Fell Out Of Wedding Band

What are you going to do? I so worried about this, especially with my wedding band. It has 11 little princess cut stones, and I am so scared I am going to lose one .
Diamond rings are expensive, and that's why you should be very careful when handling them: It can be very easy to. Let's see what you can do to protect your stones from falling off and being lost.. This is usually the case when there are a lot of small stones set in the mounting.. How to Choose a Platinum Wedding Ring .
I have a wedding band from Tiffany's with very small diamonds all the way around. I just called and they said I may have to pay to get the one .
Just went to take a shower and realised the diamond has fallen out my. After getting my ER re-sized one of the diamonds on the band fell out and they. . I would think that the shop would replace it after such a short time as .
it is very small like less than 0.1 carat I would say, would any reputable. as this is the second time in six months a jewel has fallen out of a ring.. I had to have a diamond replaced on my wedding ring cost £90 for the diamond and fitting.

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